Make it easier for clients to find you.

And make the most of your working week.

how being booked for session works


Apply to provide sessions and get approved.



Get the app from the App Store


Set your availability for
the week.


Accept session booking requests and get paid.

set your own schedule

➔  Work where and when you want.
➔  Make it easier for clients to find you.
➔  Keep track of all your sessions.
➔  Improve your job security.

A simple schedule driven app with minimal set up at your end.


you decide what you earn

➔  Set and change your hourly rates easily.
➔  Fill gaps and last-minute cancellations.
➔  Take the hassle out of payment and invoicing.

Integration with a secure payment system that accepts session booking payments in-app and generates invoices for you.

say yes to more of the right clients

➔  Know your clients before you train them.
➔  Train people who need your specific skills.
➔  Work with clients who value your experience.

Client profile and ratings to review prior to accepting booking requests.

help people feel good about themselves

➔  Help people set and reach their goals.
➔  Empower people to be confident and disciplined.
➔  Share your passion and positivity for a healthy lifestyle.



to be part of a community

➔  Meet new people.
➔  Learn about new places to train.
➔  Access to a support network of fitness professionals.

Reach more people with social sharing integration and connect your worlds.

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