How does buddee fitness keep me safe?

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You can add an emergency contact into your profile via your account settings from within app. There are two options you can opt-in for:

1. Having an emergency button appear during your training session. This button is accessible in the sessions page of your app once you select the current session. If you press the ’emergency’ button your emergency contact will be notified with an SMS stating: “Alert. You are being notified that ‘your name’ pushed their emergency button at ‘time’. Please contact them immediately.”

2. Having the emergency button appear and also have an SMS sent to your emergency contact at the start of each session you book. This SMS will let your contact know you have started a training session and where.

When you’re meeting with someone on buddee fitness for the first time try to train, for example, in a populated public park instead of your home. You can also ask for identification and make sure it matches the details that are present on their buddee fitness profile.

If you feel something isn’t right, you can always excuse yourself and leave. Get in touch with us via the chat) icon below to let us know what happened.

If you feel like you are in danger, call emergency 000.