What if I have questions for the fitness professional I have booked?

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An in-app chat opens up once a session has been booked and paid for. Here are a few suggested topics you can ask before your session:

  • You want to meet at a specific location, for example: “Hey Kim! I know we booked to meet in Marks Park but can we meet in South Bondi next to the outdoor gym?”


  • Questions on what to wear: “Hi Claudio, I don’t have a Gi for our Jiu Jitsu session. I’ll just wear gym gear – don’t really want to wear one of yours!”


  • If you want to bring your own equipment: “Becs – looking forward to yoga! I don’t have a yoga mat though, do you have a spare?”


  • Let them know if you have any ailments/injuries: “Milton I wanted to let you know, I’ve never done pilates before. I broke my leg snowboarding years ago, it acts up now and then.”