Profiles. How to make them click

Here are a few little tips and tricks in creating a complete profile that prospecting clients will want to click into. The best part is that these suggestions only take a few seconds to implement.


  1. Take a clear profile photo from the chest up so we can see you smile, move away from full body photos where clients cannot see your face. Remember that smiles are contagious so try one out. Remove your sunglasses, don’t wear a hat and wipe the fingerprint smudges off your camera lense before you take a picture. Lastly, remember you are selling your fitness professional services so it may be wise to leave your bikini and budgie smuggler photos for other matching app profiles.

  2. Add a catchy one-liner for your header. You have 50 characters which will appear in bold on your profile. Two examples: ‘Have you moved today? Let’s get you outside!’ or ‘Yesterday, today was tomorrow. Start now.’

  3. In the description you have 300 characters to tell clients more about your experience as a fitness professional, your training style and don’t be shy to show some personality. One example: ‘Canadian born, now Australian. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and, although no more, I have been certified in CrossFit and taught spin for +5 years.

Love being outside and using what’s there to get a good workout in. Let’s help you find that feel-good fitness vibe – cheers! National police check verified.’

  1. Best for last – Make sure they can find you! Be sure to set your schedule availability which you can save weekly or customise daily. (image of both screens here)